you’re busy.

Let us do the walking & training.

Kids. Career. Spouse. Errands. Meals. House keeping. Oh, and the dog!

You’re busy. Really busy. Unfortunately the dog won’t walk or train herself, and without manners and exercise she’s a bit of a handful.

No worries—We’ve got you covered:


Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer does the training for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the results.

Learn how we train

Dog’s behavior got you frazzled?

Let us do the training.


Mile-long to do list?

Let us do the walking


Join our trainer for a fun-packed puppy class or basic manners class to show your new best friend the ropes.

Learn how we show you
a great time

Our dog*tec Certified professional dog walkers can take daily dog walking off your list, making each day that much smoother.

Learn how we walk

New puppy or dog?

Let us get you off on the right paw.

Meet Athena

Owner and Lead Trainer Athena Labberton loves making clients’ lives easier by transforming their dogs through regular exercise and fun, humane training.

Bugsy Says: “Dogs like cookies!”

Take it from Bugsy: Just like humans, we dogs like to be acknowledged for our good deeds. See us do something you like? Snoopy had it right—a pat on the head or “good dog” just doesn’t cut it. But give us a yummy cookie (or maybe a toss of our favorite ball) and we’re likely to do that cool thing again.

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