Let us make training your dog easy

Barking, growling, and lunging got you worried?

Let us do the training.

Awesome dog, bad manners?

Let us do the training.

Cute puppy turned Cujo?

Let us do the training.

House turned upside down by chewing, digging, and potty accidents?

Let us do the training

How private training works: We Do It For You

Our Lead Trainer and Owner, Athena Labberton, will come to your home during the day and train your dog wherever problems are occurring—in your home, around your neighborhood, out at the park, etc.

Hang out and watch Athena transform your dog, or do whatever you need to do: Work, run errands, take the kids to their dentist appointments. Or do something nice for yourself: Maybe sneak in a quick spa or gym stop, or enjoy lunch with friends.

However you spend your day, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be coming home to a better-behaved dog.

Prefer to do the training yourself?

No problem! If you’ve got the time we’d be happy to coach you to train your dog —it’ll be fun!

Ready to get started?

The first step is a 90-minute initial consult.

Athena will come to your home at a convenient time to chat about your training goals. Then she’ll recommend a customized training package, design a training plan, and execute it for you.

Initial Consult Fee: $100

Most training packages run three or four weeks. Each week Athena will work with your dog three times, then meet with you at the end of the week on an evening or weekend to transfer her training results.

What we can do for you:

Basic Manners like pulling on leash, coming when called, polite sits and downs, and staying put Destructive Behaviors like chewing, digging, and house soiling

Problem Behaviors like barking, growling, fear, aggression, and separation anxiety

Why let us do the training?

• Because you’re busy

• Because you’d rather hire a professional to get the job done

• Because you want results as fast as possible

• Because you like knowing your dog is in the hands of a certified professional trainer

• Because you like the peace of mind that comes with positive, humane training


Ready to let us do your training?

We can’t wait to transform your dog for you!

Phone: 707-696-3678

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Bugsy Says:

“Teach your dog to say ‘Please’”

Take it from Bugsy: Want your dog to impress? Teach him to say please with a Sit. Ask him to Sit for his toys, his leash, his treats and meals, and to go outside to play. Pretty soon he’ll sit whenever he wants something, instead of barking, whining, or pawing. So much more civilized!

Meet The Trainer

Athena Labberton, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, uses only positive, humane, scientifically sound and up-to-date training strategies. Her goals for her clients: Results and peace of mind.

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