Let us make dog training fun

New puppy?

Join us for puppy training class—start this week!

New dog?

Join us for basic manners training class—start this week!

Old dog who could use some new tricks?

No dog is too old to join us for basic manners training class—it’s never too late!


Puppy Training Class

Let’s get your puppy set up for life in the human world while also making her easier to live with right now. We’ll cover some of the training basics, like sit and down, come and stay, and walking with you instead of dragging you. We’ll also address pesky puppy behaviors like biting and chewing the wrong things (including you!) and pottying in the wrong places. Plus, and really most important of all, we’ll socialize, socialize, socialize so your puppy grows up into a laid back, easy-going dog who likes to meet new dogs and people—and knows how to do it politely.

And our innovative curriculum allows you to start whenever you’re ready—no need to wait!

Class Details

6 one-hour sessions

We’re on a short class hiatus—our next classes will be available this Spring.


1 60 minute private in-home Jump Start session

We’ll get your house training underway, tackle any other pressing issues, and get you ready to take maximum advantage of class time.


Ready to come play and train?

Email us to be the first to know about our Spring classes!

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Why come train with us?

  • Certified professional dog trainer at the helm
  • Humane, positive training methods
  • Small classes so you get what you need
  • Results at home, not just in class
  • You can start anytime! No waiting for the next class
  • Did we mention it’s really fun?

Bugsy Says: “Look! A squirrel!”

Take it from Bugsy: We dogs are a pretty high-energy sort. All that buzzing between our ears can make it hard to listen sometimes. Personally, I notice it’s easier to focus when I’ve gotten some exercise. A brisk walk or game of fetch before class might help your dog learn his P’s & Q’s more easily.

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